13 June 2023
SQA Pupil Art Work Presentation

Duncan Cameron's creative work displayed in celebratory online gallery

Duncan Cameron has had his work displayed in a new online gallery hosted by SQA.

‘Flair’ is an online gallery that showcases and celebrates some of the most creative work submitted by learners across Scotland for Art and Design, Fashion and Textile Technology and Photography courses.

Most of the pieces displayed in the gallery were produced by National 4 to Advanced Higher learners during session 2021-22. They celebrate the diversity and variety of work produced by learners across different levels and grades during the challenging circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To view Duncan Cameron's work, along with the other pieces on display, visit SQA’s Flair gallery at http://www.flair.sqa.org.uk

Flair will be available online until June 2024.

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