Parents and Carers as Partners

The support and involvement of Parents in their children’s education is key to the success of young people.  Taking time with them, discussing work, practising language (Gaelic, French and English) helping with homework management and encouraging responsibility are important ways of supporting children’s learning. This partnership in our children’s education is greatly valued at Ardnamurchan High School and is what makes the school a success.
We always welcome parents to come and meet the Head Teacher, Depute or member of Guidance staff if there are questions or issues that you would like to discuss.
The school will always seek to involve parents in any key decisions about their child’s education and keep parents informed about progress.  This includes:

  • Interim Reports from  Guidance (S1)
  • Full reports from all staff (S1-6)
  • Parents’ evenings (one per year group with a number of additional information evenings and updates during the year)
  • Pupil Profile (End of S3)
  • Letters of update regarding regular Monitoring and Tracking by Guidance
  • Letters of information regarding homework
  • Newsletters
  • Course choice information
  • Of course we will also contact you by telephone as and when necessary if we have issues or concerns to share with you.
  • Information on the school website (e.g. for key publications such as this school handbook)  http://www.ardnamurchan.highland.sch.uk/
  • Regular consultations including an Annual Ethos Questionnaire and on other issues identified in partnership with the Parent Council.

 Key decisions about the future direction of the school, e.g in regard to the Curriculum for Excellence will always be taken in partnership with parents and the Parent Council.

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