Ardnamurchan High School is a completely new comprehensive school for the communities in Ardnamurchan and Morvern.

The school’s catchment area includes Kilchoan, Acharacle, Moidart, Strontian, Lochaline, Ardgour primary schools.

In the past these pupils attended three secondary schools - Lochaber High School, Mallaig High School, Tobermory High School. Some pupils boarded at Camaghael Hostel in Fort William. Most pupils are within daily travelling distance of the school. However a small number of pupils from Kilchoan and Drimnin areas will require to board in the small residence.


This is an area of exceptional beauty and character with a widely dispersed population. The villages of Acharacle (population c.560) and Strontian (population c.350) are the main centres of population.

Services and tourism account for 48% of the local jobs and primary activities at 31% reflects the growth in fish farming.

The area has a rich history and cultural heritage which gives it a unique identity in the West Highlands.

The school is in Strontian – an important service and tourism centre approximately 15 minutes from the Corran Ferry which is one of the gateways to Ardnamurchan and Morvern. The award-winning development of the village core in the 1970s has enhanced the village with a layout and design which is now part of its character and appeal.

A Public Private Partnership School

The school was constructed through the public private partnership initiative (PP) with the MJ Gleeson Group plc / Royal bank of Scotland plc being the Highland Council’s partners in the project.

In general terms, the MJ Gleeson / Royal Bank of Scotland consortium is responsible for building and maintaining the school and for the supply and maintenance of specified school equipment.

Department equipment has been provided through the normal channels.



Our school logo, which also appears on the school dress code was designed by Primary 7 pupils in the lead up to the opening of the new school in 2002

The Logo conjured up several images:

The sea: The sea encapsulates Ardnamurchan, and Ardnamurchan Point is the

most westerly point on mainland Britain, looking into the Atlantic.

The area: The area is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in Britain.

The school: The school is new and wants to be contemporary and forward looking.

The Logo is based on the image of a wave, which is reflected to create an arrow, and a mountain in the background. The wave and mountain both, obviously symbolise the landscape while the arrow symbolises two things.

· It points west to show the importance of where the school is located in Scotland

· It symbolises a desire for accuracy and achievement.


House System

The house activities offer chances for all pupils to win/earn points for their houses in addition to the already established behaviour management system. Over the course of each year there have been an assortment of activities and competitions which pupils have been able to take part in. For each activity/competition points are awarded for 1st (10 points), 2nd (8 points), 3rd (5 points) and 4th place (3 points) to each house-

Darach Beith Coll Luis

There have been really fun activities throughout the school year from a staff and pupils Photography Competition to a grueling Mastermind Quiz.

Pupils also earn points for their houses through the school’s behaviour management system. Pupils earn points by demonstrating good behaviour, working hard in class, completing homework well, etc. and lose points for bad behaviour such as not handing homework in on time, being yellow or red carded, forgetting equipment, etc.
At the end of each term the total points are counted and points (10,8,5,3) are given to the 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th place houses.

House points can also be awarded during class time by teachers for various helpful tasks. After all classroom points have been added together on a display in each classroom, the 10,8,5,3 points are added up and allocated to each house.







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