AHS Staff

Mr Christopher Millar-Craig Headteacher
Mr Simon Patterson Depute Headteacher
Mr Peter Newman Faculty PT Language and Literacy Teacher of English/PT Support 
Mrs Jacqueline Millar-Craig Faculty PT Science, Maths and Technologies  / Teacher of Biology & Science
Mrs Kate Rough Faculty PT Social and Expressive /Teacher of Geography (part-time)
Ms L Kenny PT Pupil Support/Teacher of P.E.
Mrs Jillian Campbell Teacher of Music
Mr Iain Hogg Teacher of Technology
Mr Colm O’Rua Teacher of Gaelic/Gaidhlig and History
Vacant Teacher of Modern Languages
Mr J MacInnes Teacher of Gaelic/Gaidhlig
Mr T Larasser Teacher of Chemistry & Science
Vacant Teacher of Maths
Mrs K Paterson Teacher of Physics and Maths 
Mrs D Musset Teacher of Art
Mrs D White Teacher of English (part-time)/Teacher of R.E.
Mr R Paterson Teacher of Physics and Maths
Vacant Teacher of BGE Gaelic/Gaidhlig
Mr S Henderson Probationer Teacher of Technical
Mr A MacKay Teacher of ASN (Part-Time)
Mr A Dawes School Technician (P/T)
Mrs Patricia Kennedy Team Leader (Schools)
Miss Fiona Henderson Clerical Assistant (P/T)
Mrs E MacDonald Pupil Support Assistant 
Mrs C Duncan Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs L Sutherland Pupil Support Assistant


Sunart Centre Staff

Mr Eoghan Carmichael Centre Development Co-ordinator
Miss Anne Nicholson Network Librarian
Mrs Helen Tait Library Supervisor / West Highland College Link
Mrs E Jackson Library Assistant (P/T)
Mrs L McCorkindale Library Assistant (P/T)
Mrs L Waddell Library Assistant (P/T)
Mr Alan Gray Youth Development Officer (P/T)
Ms Fiona Beattie Active Schools' Coordinator
Mrs Karen Upstone Residence Officer
Mr S Malcolm House Parent
Mrs L Colston House Parent
Mrs Eilidh Wilson Cook 3
Mrs Jane Mellis Cook 2
Mrs Jackie Pleming Cook 1
Miss Brigit Tennant Cleaner Supervisor
Miss Selena Wright Cleaner
Mrs J Gunnell Cleaner
Ms M Macintyre Cleaner
Mr Ian Turner Property Services Officer
Mr Derek Adams Property Services Officer
Strontian Nursery Staff  
Ms L Wilson Early Years' Practitioner
Ms H Taylor Early Years' Practitioner
Ms E Christian Early Years' Support Worker


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