24 June 2020
Pupils need your votes

During lock down, Alistair and Dugald have been busy and they have entered an International Sustainable Development Challenge. Their pitch could give AHS a nice bit of promotion if they make it through to the next round, but they need votes to do this.  If you like the idea, please can you vote and promote? They have been taking part in the Moonshot Pirates #beapirate challenge to develop ideas towards the worlds Sustainable Development Goals. You can take a look at their pitch here, and they need as many votes as possible to get to the next round where they can present their ideas in more detail.  Voting is open from today, Monday 22nd June and closes at noon on Monday 28th June 2020. You can place a vote every day. They would like to develop a solution that would help to end world fuel poverty. They think their solution could  be implemented all over Africa, but they have come up with their proposal with Mali in mind. In Mali only 55% of the urban population, and a tiny minority of the rural population have access to electricity.  Their idea is to develop a unit, to be placed in both rural communities and urban districts, that uses organic solar cells to generate electricity for basic amenities.  The unit then uses any excess electricity to generate ammonia through ammonia electro-synthesis, using only nitrogen (filtered from the air), and water. Ammonia is a carbon free fuel and when burnt with a catalyst (CuOx/3A25), produces no greenhouse gases or harmful emissions - allowing it to replace wood as a major fuel source in places such as Mali. Using ammonia as a heat source could lead to reducing deforestation in these areas, which in turn reduces soil erosion and desertification, alleviating many environmental problems in these regions. If you like their idea, then please vote for it on the link below - and share as much as you can. Only the top few projects get through to the next round. Voting is open from today, Monday 22nd June and closes at noon on Monday 28th June 2020, and you can place a vote every day. https://app.moonshotpirates.com/bootcamps/previews/srZ7X8Z8oIVU0FsG/voting/vCeJpF2GcxkFLck8 For more details you can email them on ardnapirates@gmail.com. You can also like then on Instagram and Twitter @ardnapirates Many thanks Helen



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