“Ard Sgoil Aird nam Murchan, coimhearsnachd cruinn còmhla”

“Ardnamurchan High School, a community together”

Our shared vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where our young people will recognize and achieve their fullest potential and so, as responsible citizens, make their best contribution to the world we live in.


At Ardnamurchan High School we can say:

1. We feel safe, we have respect and we belong
We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for learning where mutual respect and courtesy sustain positive relationships and a sense of shared belonging.

2.  Our learning is relevant
We aim to provide young people with a broad, relevant and enjoyable curriculum which challenges all appropriately and meets our broad range of academic and vocational needs.

3. We live, learn and work together in our community and we value our local culture
We aim to work in partnership with pupils, parents, staff and the wider community to continue to develop opportunity for locally relevant educational experiences, cultural awareness and Gaelic facility.

4. We enjoy our school and we celebrate our successes
We aim to recognize and celebrate success and achievement at all levels in the wider school community.

5.  We are preparing for life in the 21st Century 
We aim to provide young people with skills for learning and skills for life for both the local, ecological and the wider European and World context and thereby, create a springboard for life-long learning.